Monday, January 14, 2008

Recovered, a bit.

It took me the entire weekend to calm my brain down from too much
work, and too much brain usage. My brain was still trying to go a
million miles a minute last night. Not conducive to sleeping!
Today was a much calmer day at work, and I'm starting to slow
down to a more normal pace.

I can do intense bursts like that, but I don't recommend them as
a way of life. (My last job proved that to me!) I did get back to
eating better and exercising over the weekend, after my last cold
cleared up. Time to get serious, my roommate is losing a ton of
weight and looking great! It is very motivating.

I'm trying some new experiments with a type of food that always
drops weight every time I eat it. Indian Curry, believe it or not.
I'm going to try to eat it for a week, and see what happens! You
are not supposed to lose weight on curry but I always do. Something
in the spices - tumeric, maybe? It also makes me feel quite good.
I'm also trying a certain brand of probiotics. I've suspected
I'm not absorbing my food, so I think I'm starving. Even if I eat
massively healthy, I don't seem to be getting nutrition out of it.

Otherwise, friend David dropped by, and I got a call from a long
lost cousin, and we had a nice chat getting caught up on our
lives. I think she was a little girl the last time I saw her. She
also filled me in on some family history, including the Cherokee
blood I was pretty certain was in there, that goes back to my great,
great grandmother. Kind of cool.


Graviton Ring said...
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Graviton Ring said...

sorry i removed the comment because the link expired to my blogtv page; my computer is too slow :) not to mention my brain :)
too many web pages too...i erased all but one which is just a link to where i got my original ideas about free thought...i hope you are all well...i tried to post the me question but i guess i am the only real solipsist left on earth :)