Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Under my blanket

Where do you think I've been? It was fricken -16 degrees F.
last night, with wind chills of -40. Coming home and going to
work in that, is nasty. It was a balmy -3 degrees coming home
tonight with windchills of only -20.

Mostly I get home, crawl under my blanket, and sit by the
wood stove, just wishing I could get warm. Winter is not
your friend. It is trying to kill you!

I forgot to mention that I did put up a show on Sunday.
It is a short one, a single question show that only got 3
answers, one of them I got out of a person wandering through
the house. Turns out, she's great, and I'm going to do a
full interview with her this weekend. Anyways, get the show
Exploring and Transcending the Me.

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