Thursday, January 10, 2008

What The?

So where have I been?
I got well, finally, 2 days ago, but...

Work hit a new level of "how can you possibly expect me to
do all that?". I've heard managers complain about budget time,
but I've never actually done one.

This time I ended up budgeting 5 projects at the last minute,
most of them I knew nothing about. (Others had to budget 1
project). This was all in addition to a zillion meetings and
another project in full swing, that I am leading.

I was interrupted every 2 seconds, whenever I actually tried to
do anything. And I was researching something, and reading papers
continuously. I came home every night this week so fried,
and achy, I was worthless for anything.

I've just had a big glass of wine, and I'm slowly returning
to human. I never want to do budgets again! Or head up 5
projects. (O.K., that part might not go away) This is nuts.
Can I retire now?

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