Sunday, February 24, 2008

And Hope Dies Fast

Yesterday was lovely, until in the late afternoon, it was evident
that I was getting sick again! This can't be happening, I haven't
even been well for a week.

Since the end of September, that makes 4 colds, and 1 flu. I have
now spent a good 50% of the fall and winter, sick. It is getting
a little hard not to get discouraged. I'm doing everything I know
how to do, to make this stop. I'm taking every vitamin, and
immune enhancer, eating right, exercising.... nothing seems to help.

At some point, don't I have to have every immunity? Some of it is
being exposed to new things, business trips, and a very active
roommate, who is probably bringing home a myriad of germs.
But I can't live in a bubble. I have to get strong enough to
handle meeting new and exciting germs.

The worst part is I have to keep working through all of this
sickness. I can't be out all of the time. I manage to keep going,
but it is taking it's toll on my tired old body. What happens when
I can't keep up this pace? At the restaurant, yesterday, when I
ordered a drink, the waitress checked my id. She looked really
startled, and said "Wow, you don't look THAT OLD!"

Great. I've reached the age where people expect me to look ancient
and feeble. So the good news is I don't look that old on the
outside. On the inside, however....


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were 29! :-)
I have had some MAJOR changes here, life has been a bit crazy over the last several months.

I've been thinking about those questions you asked back when you interviewed me (gosh, a year and a half ago?) and I think I have solidified my stance: however - something that I've gotten interested in is not what people think and what opinions they hold, but WHY they hold those thoughts and opinions. - it's a bit more complex and dives a bit deeper and has really made me think.

Anyway - feel better.

paul v

Susan Grandys said...

Thanks Paul!
I the reason I do the show the way I do, is to try to find out why people think the way they do. What they think isn't the real focus - but the "why" is indeed the facinating part.

I don't think people's beliefs can be judged by right or wrong - it is the process the got them to that point is what could give understanding and insight.