Thursday, February 21, 2008

....and off a cliff

Not really. Things are actually looking up.
My health is returning after the 6 day bout with the flu.
Things are getting nailed down and more sane at work.
And best of all, the weather may warm up!

After yet another shot of sub-sub zero weather, everyone I know
was getting pretty fed-up with winter. The cold crept into all
of our bones, and there was a generalized weariness when you had
to plunge back outside into that nasty frozen air. But the long
term forcast looks like we will only have to deal with 20's and
30's through the end of February. Somehow that sounds better.

What else? I'm trying to finally quit the Nicotine Gum. After
smoking for 24 years, and chewing the gum for 8 years, the flu
turned the trick. I dropped down to 4 pieces of gum a day, (from
11 pieces - and I've held it at that level all week. So I think
it is time to make a run at getting off entirely, next week.

Not a big deal, but I've been a slave to the nicotine for 32 years.
I think it is time to be free. The down side? I'm putting on a
little weight as my system gets unbalanced. I probably have
nicotine instead of blood in my veins. I'm hoping that as it warms
up, I can offset that with more exercise. Wish me luck!

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