Friday, February 29, 2008

And recovery again

So it's Friday, and my cold is nearly gone. I made it through
the week, which feels like an achievement. Now I get to pick
up the pieces again, and try to get back to getting stronger
and healthier. This is the shortest cold I've ever had, so
I have some hopes there is either some immunity in my body from
all the recent illness - or the liquid vitamins and sambucul
syrup (something I read about that was supposed to shorten
colds) helped.

I'm still convinced that I'm not absorbing the vitamins from
pills or food, so I tried a really good liquid version, and
I did feel better this week. So, back to the exercise this
weekend, to see if I can get back on track.

Other than that - the old dog with the heart problem is still
alive and doing well! He just turned 14 this week. What a trouper.
I'd use him has a role model, except he is such a pushy,
demanding, curmudgeon, that perhaps he isn't the best of

The other dog finally seems to be calming down -
after 8 1/2 years of being hyper active and nuts. He got
really lazy this winter, and gained weight for the first time.
We had a hard time getting enough food into him - he was
always so thin (from vibrating all the time, I think). But
this cold winter slowed him down too. He decided that sleeping
on the couch by the fire was the best! (I agree with him).

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