Sunday, February 03, 2008

From under the covers...

The temperatures have returned to a more sensible mid 20's.
Still cold, but survivable for February.

Work remains nuts.
On the drive home on Friday, I kept remembering things that
"really needed to be done, real soon now!". So as soon as I
got home, I logged on to the computer, and sent myself an
email at work of 13 things I had to look into on Monday.
That way I could keep it from preying on my mind for the
entire weekend. That seems to be an effective method for me
to be able to stop worrying about work when I'm not there.

Yesterday, I just puttered all day, decompressing from the
week. Today is a bit more lively, did a lot of catchup on
bills and mail, I have an interview in a couple of hours,
then off to friend Joel's house for a Super Bowl party.

Funny, I don't follow football or sports, but Joel's parties
are not to be missed. He is a master cook, so we all get
together to eat and drink and watch the commercials during
the game. Lots of fun, and my yearly diet wrecker. Worse
than Christmas. That guy can cook!

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