Saturday, February 23, 2008

Made it to Saturday!

A long, intense, day at work, with some sad news of people
who are leaving. I always hate it when it is one of your favorite
people to work with :( I stayed until 8 pm to get something
critical working, so it was with great relief that I got home
to start the weekend.

We finished playing Rogue Galaxy on the PS2, last night. A great
game, with a really wimpy ending. I hate that, after investing
60+ hours in a game, with characters that you really like, you
really want some kind of a payoff at the end. Now it is on to
Lost Odyssey on the XBox 360. That should wrap up our planned
winter gaming. It was a nice way to pass a very long, cold
winter, when one doesn't have a lot of ambition.

It promises to be 30 degrees and sunny out today, so I am finally
going to take Cay to the Cheesecake Factory - I've been promising
that since I went to one on a business trip last fall. I really
wanted him to experience the wasabi mashed potatoes and their
Mojito is to die for! (Let alone the cheesecake!)

Then on to the Apple Store. One of the fans of his show donated
enough money for him to finally buy a new ipod. His was pretty much
dead, and he loves listening to audio books. He is a happy, happy
man. He has some amazing fans who treat him well! (I wish I could
get my fans to even talk to me - I guess I have a much shyer bunch...)

So it is shaping up to be a very lovely day.

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