Friday, February 15, 2008

This is getting stupid

I knew this was a tough winter but now I've had the full blown flu
for 3 days. I even had my flu shot! Cay got sick last Sunday, and
he was so sick, I worked from home on Monday to take care of him.
I never get the flu because I get my shots every year, so I
didn't even think about it.

Wednesday I had to interview someone, and even though I felt a bit
off, I drove in and during the interview, it became increasingly
obvious that I had the flu. I came straight home, and had a fever
of 101 and went to bed with the shakes for the next several hours.
My normal temperature is 96.7, so when it gets that high, I know
I'm in trouble.

I spent the next 48 hours in bed, only getting up for, um, gastric
distress symptoms. By this morning, I'd lost 7 pounds, and was
really hungry. However any food causes more gastric distress, so
it is going to take awhile. Cay still has the tail end of it.
So I guess I can count on 6 days of the flu. After 3 colds this
winter, and winter itself! Bah! I'm sick of the whole thing.

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