Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weathering it (but not well)

My mood improved yesterday when I lit a pine scented candle I got
at an after Christmas sale. I know Lavender is a good aromatherapy
for depression, but pine trees? Maybe it is hard-wired into our
noses to think of Christmas, or something.

The high today was -5 degrees. That is not a HIGH!!!! It was
indeed a brutally cold night. I'm sitting right next to a roaring
fire in the wood stove, and Cay is huddled up in a blanket on the
couch. He thinks he has the flu.

The dog has spent most of the night and day huddled on top
of me. I've heard of 3 dog nights (supposedly meaning how many dogs
it takes to keep warm), but my dog is big enough that I really
wouldn't want 3 of him in the bed.

I'm not ready to go back to work. It is still going to be cold.
I spent part of the day looking at real estate on the ocean, and
dreaming of being able to live there.

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