Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm that far gone?

How to come back from the dead? Or at least infirmity?
I haven't been walking much at all because of the plantar
fasciitis and complications of the previous foot surgery
(that didn't show up for 3 years!). I went in and had
one cortisone shot into the heel, but it wore off after 3 weeks.
I'm think of going back in, but have been putting it off.

The result of this, is I went shopping today, and the lack of
walking is really beginning to tell. I was only out for an hour
and it was really difficult getting around. I can ignore the pain
in my foot, but the lack of weight bearing exercise made just
walking quite a chore.

I've been lifting weights and biking, but it doesn't help in
the walking department. I suppose I have to go back to the doctor
and get the toes operated on, and get the shots, or I'll never
get on the road to recovery and walking more. It will put me
out of action for awhile, but this is getting annoying.
I hate decisions like this - I'd rather ignore it and hope it
goes away....

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