Tuesday, March 18, 2008

In the thick of it

Lots of crazy work stuff, and crazy diet.
I've been on the basic no-fiber, protein diet for 2 days,
(colonoscopy prep).

I am losing weight from it (yay!) and found that if
you lift weights hard with no carbs or fiber in your system -
you get really, really shaky...

Now it gets hard - nearly 2 days on clear liquids only.
I never fast, because I have a pathological fear of being hungry.
I will NOT enjoy the next 2 days!

It also makes controlling the blood sugar really messed up. I
asked the nurse giving me the instructions for the procedure
what a diabetic should do, and she really didn't seem to know
or care. She just kept repeating, "drink clear juice, sugared
pop, and popsicles (no red or purple ones)". Great, I never touch
any of that stuff, because it makes my glucose levels skyrocket.
I asked my doctor what to do, and she said to ask the check-in
nurse. I give up. I'll figure it out myself.

I'll probably go the chicken broth and Jello route. That was
also permitted. And maybe a little juice.

I'll find out if not eating, and doing lots of difficult brain
work is an interesting combination. I plan to be crabby!

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