Thursday, March 06, 2008

Its Not Over Yet?

Bah. -5 degrees tonight and tomorrow. I thought we'd be safe by
March. My whole household just whines about the winter now.
We are so thoroughly sick of it - it just makes me tired.

Otherwise life proceeds. I'm over my cold and hope that is the
last of that, along with the winter. I have started trying to
build up my strength again for the millionth time, but I feel
o.k. for the first time in awhile.

Work is alright too. I got a promotion this week! I am very pleased.
I worked hard, and I think I deserve it. Just so I don't think I
have to work even harder... Strangely the recognition makes me
feel calmer and more mature, somehow. Ha! To feel maturity at my
age. I refuse to "grow up"! Time to go play some more "Lost Odyssey"
video game, then...

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