Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sakura Dreaming

Things proceed. Life is a bit rut-like, these days. Work hard,
play Lost Odyssey, work out a little bit, long for spring.
Not like spring will fix anything, but there will at least be more
"outdoor" stuff to do.

It is only a couple of weeks from the Sakura season in Japan, and
we've been dreaming a lot of seeing that again (we were there nearly
a year ago, now). Seems like yesterday, or a hundred years ago.
Can you be homesick for a place you visited once? I wouldn't want
to live there, (too crowded and confusing!) but I want to be in the
park, under the cherry trees, drinking with my friends, and eating
the yummy festival food again!

Anything is possible, but to what lengths in money and fixing my
health am I willing to go? If I lost all of the extra weight, my foot
might hold up. If I saved more, I might be able to afford it. If
I studied every day, I might be able to read Japanese, which would
make the trip easier. What am I willing to give up? Is the week or
two there worth that? The ongoing dilemma....

I'll think about it tomorrow. Today, it is off to eat dim sum at a
new place, with a bunch a friends. (Like that will fix my diet!)

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dave said...

i was about to type a really heartfelt post about blooming trees in Tokyo but the word verification i need to type to leave a comment is so distracting, i can't remember what i was gonna say.

for the record, "obzyboo" is the new greatest word ever.

maybe it is Ozzy's petname.