Thursday, March 20, 2008

Waiting for the elusive burger...

I was right, I'm not enjoying this week much :)
I am soooooooo hungry! Only about 10 more hours before the
procedure is done, and I can eat something. It was a little
easier than I thought, not eating yesterday. Just when I was
getting a bit crazy hungry, I had to start drinking the prep
solution (took me 3 hours to get it all down) and then I
didn't care about food anymore.

Life gets really simple when you screw up the basics (food,
sleep, shelter, comfort). You become entirely focused on
getting the thing you need, or just making it to the cessation
of pain.

The weather is threatening us with another snowstorm tonight
and tomorrow. And I just see the yard again! Somehow the
measure of spring for me is when all the snow melts off the
yard and I can see the grass. Maybe it is just because I can
see another color, other than white. The snow will make the
commute Friday morning far too interesting.

I am totally chaffing under this snow-melt-snow-melt pattern.
Will Spring just get here already! I'm feeling much better and
more cheerful with the warmer sunny days we've been getting.
Bah! Waiting for food, waiting for spring, waiting, waiting.
Gimmie it all, right now!

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