Saturday, March 15, 2008

Work, Taxes, Video Games, and my Colon :)

I woke up from a dead sleep, (after staying up too late playing
video games) worried about a problem I've been unable to solve at
work. I hate it when work impinges on my weekend. It would be nice
not to have to worry about work at all. Maybe someday I wont care.

I got up to look up information on the work issue, but my internet
provider was down. This just made me fret more. Urgh. Now I'm back
online, but I'm typing this, instead of doing the work..... perhaps
a little passive resistance.

Survived a visit to the tax man, I'm actually getting money back!
I'm thinking about repairing the sheetrock in the basement and
finally getting that new refrigerator. The one I have has doors
that don't seal, and pop open all of the time. That way I can use
the government economic stimulus rebate in May to buy that PS3
(PlayStation 3) machine. It tickles me that I could say George
Bush bought me a video game console. Seems appropriate, somehow.

I'm also preparing for the dreaded Colonoscopy next week. What a
pain the preparation is - low fiber diet, then a clear liquid
diet, and drinking a gallon of this white stuff. I don't mind
going in for medical procedures, I'm kind of used to them, after
so many. But I'm annoyed by ones that make you work so hard to
get ready for them.

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