Sunday, April 27, 2008

The dog made it...

The dog survived. They got him rehydrated, stabalized, and his
heart rate down at about 11 pm last night. We went and got him
today, and he is sleeping peacefully at home. The little creep
enjoyed his "outing". He loves going to the vet. He loves going
anywhere. We call him "adventure dog".

So this little bout cost me $666. I am telling people that Satan
saved my puppy. Of course since the major problem was colitis and
dehydration that aggravated his heart, I can say Satan is in my
dog's butt.

He is on antibiotics, in addition to his $200 a month pile
of heart medicine. We are supposed to take him back to our
vet next week, and maybe get a heart echo cardiogram on him
again. Why do my pets always have insanely expensive medical
problems in their later life?

I had a cat who cost me $1800 and then dropped dead 2 weeks
later. It is unclear how long the dog will last, but he is
still happy, alert, and interested in life. I just won't give
up on them, until they are really suffering, or ready to go.
I wish death was a lot quicker and easier for everyone.

Besides he gives me hope since I'm having lots of medical
problems. But watching him, he just keeps going, long after he
should have, in spite of all the medical problems. Maybe I will
be able to do the same.


Big Phil said...

I have pet insurance for my dogs. Its insane, they have better insurance than I do!

Susan Grandys said...

I had insurance for awhile, but it wasn't that great, and on 4 pets, it was costing an awful lot. I finally canceled it all, and just tried to save up the money in a "pet fund".
It works out o.k. so far.