Thursday, April 24, 2008

The grind of surviving

Every other day was pretty hard this week. I had one good day,
and the rest were exhausting. I get really tired at work, and
then come home and lay there, spent for 2 hours. Then I recover
a little, do something for an hour, then the difficulty of
getting washed up without getting my foot wet, and off to bed.
I just didn't expect this surgery to take so much out of me.

At work it is all I can do to keep going, keep moving. Trundling
around on my knee cart is a surprising amount of work! I was
happy to get my stitches out, now it is 2 more weeks of this
until the doctor will consider taking the pins out. I so can't
wait! It is still unclear If I'll be able to walk right away,
after the pins are out, or if there is more limited mobility.

There is nothing else to report, just getting by takes up all
my time and energy. Pretty basic stuff.

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