Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Not at 100%

Work went o.k., and the powered wheelchair was a big hit. I had to
fight of people who wanted to take it for a spin. I left it there
charging up - I expect it will get some illicit use before I get in.
It came in really handy to go zipping down some long straightways.
(and it picked up some real steam!)

The only problem was the big heavy doors to the bathrooms and the
labs. Darned hard to negotiate. My foot does feel much better today
for having had the rest of not using it much at all today.

I wasn't back up to full strength, however. At about 4 pm. I
started sagging, and by 5 pm, I had nothing left. Healing, even
a small area of your body takes a lot out of you. I also was
very hungry. I tried to get back to some semblance of the diet,
but no go. My body demanded to be fed, or it would come to
a complete halt.

Hopefully tomorrow will find me stronger.

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