Monday, April 14, 2008

The Party is Over...

Well, I wouldn't call my week at home, a party, but it is back
to work tomorrow. I can't get far on my crutches, and it was
too late to send for a knee walker or roll-a-bout, and I should
have. Those hallways at work are really long! So I sent
Cay down to the rental place nearby, to see what they had.
He came home with a compact powered wheelchair, because he
thought it was fun. It was! We drove it around the sidewalks
and driveway and had a grand time.

I will use it for the next week or so, when I need to get
to a meeting on the other side of the building, until my
stitches and bones heal up a little more. They are still
pretty tentative, as I found out this morning when the
60 pound dog flopped over onto my foot - hitting all 3 pins
and all the stitches. Yow!

It will be 70 degrees tomorrow, and I am sorry to have to
stay inside. Maybe I'll take the chair out for a joy ride.

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