Monday, April 21, 2008

Phoenix my a**

I had an especially tough day, and I remembered why I named
this blog "Phoenix". It seems I am always rising from the
ashes, just to crash and burn again. I repeat many things in
my life, over and over.

This healing up from foot surgery is so much like 4 years
ago, when I had surgery on the same foot. Or just the long
climb to feeling better, is like the last 4 surgeries, or
recoveries from so many illnesses.

But I keep climbing out of the hole, returning to health and
a more normal life, only to fall back in. If I'm good at
anything, it is "recovering". What an annoying skill to have.

Today I used the knee walker at work. It was the first time
I've really been up and about, and it was exhausting! By
noon, I wanted to go home and sleep. I made it to 5:30,
just barely, and went home early. I spent the next 2 hours
sacked out on the couch, unable to move. I miss the electric

But this will make me stronger, and get some strength and
muscle mass back on me. As always, what is "good" for you,
is not the same as what is fun....

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