Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Post-surgical, not-so-crabby musings...

I am resting comfortably on my couch, after the surgery.
I was pretty stressed out when I got there, especially after noticing
this morning that a 3rd toe was also starting to curl under, and I
wondered if the doctor would have time to fuse all three of them.
I didn't want to have to go through the healing process again!

Got to the surgery center at 9 am, the doctor agreed to do throw in
the third toe, and I was whisked into the surgery room. I was only
supposed to be under light sedation, but I don't remember a thing.
They told me afterwards that the chair was hurting my back, and I
was wiggling all over, so they really amped up the sedation.

I was out of there by 12:30pm. They couldn't figure out what to do
about pain meds, since I can't keep them down. So they just put in
an extra long block, and I'll just take Ibuprophen when that wears
off. The doctor thinks that will be enough to handle the pain. He'd
better be right! I hate pain. None so far.....

So now my foot is all bandaged, so I can't see the pins sticking out
of the toes. They stay in for 4-6 weeks until the bones fuse.
I have a surgical shoe that I can walk in, a little bit, but I still
have to use crutches. I'm inventing interesting ways to get up and
down the stairs, to go to the bathroom. I love my house, but
someday, I want a bathroom on the 1st floor! (I suppose it is at
least a form of exercise.)

Anyways, the deed is done, and now it is the road to recovery. It is
a relief to have it behind me, and to see how fast I can heal, and get
back on my feet - (literally!).

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