Saturday, April 19, 2008

Progress, of a sort

I turned in my wheelchair, and rented a knee walker thing.
It is like the roll-a-bout, but those are the premium model.
This one I got from my orthopedic center, and it definitely
a cheaper model. The pads are a lot thinner, it is much less
comfortable on the leg, and it doesn't fold flat.
How annoying. I hope I don't need it for the whole month
until my pins come out.

I am using the crutches around the house, and can even take
a few shuffling steps without them, (in my padded post-op shoe)
if my hands are full. However the crutches keep aggravating my
arm, which got sore from using them. The tiredness is also still
there, so I'm taking it super easy this weekend, hoping that
next week will be easier.

I'm reading super technical documents for work, interspersed
with raising Pokemon on my DS game system. It strikes a nice
balance in my boredom from limited mobility. It isn't worth
much, but my Starly and my Piplip can sure kick butt.

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