Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring, Jello, and Doctors

I had the pre-op today. I had a new doctor, and he startled me
a couple of times. The EKG showed a right bundle bunch blockage.
"Is that bad?" "Well, it is probably benign, but I wonder if any
of the other EKG's showed that." He listened to my heart. "Do
you know you have a heart murmur?" "Nooooo. Is that bad?" "Not
necessarly". So I have double benign heart weirdnesses? Why
hasn't anyone mentioned it before? Is it new?

And the surgery center did their call with final preparations and
final time schedule. Now I just need to enjoy the last 4 days
before life gets difficult again. So, of course, I started a form
of the Rotation Diet today.

I couldn't get the calories down to 600, nor was I sure I wanted
to. So I went for 900 instead, and achieved it rather easily.
I used many tricks I've learned over the years. Fiber tablets,
pectin, V8 tomato juice, sugar free jello, pickles. Things that
have very low calories, but make you think you are full. So far,
so good, but then day 1 is always easy when motivation is high.

Day 2, not so much. Your body suddenly notices the food flow
has been interrupted, and it usually has a temper tantrum.
Here's to tomorrow!

Now that the medical thing is under control, I have to get my
head together and edit the next show. I'm aiming to finish that
this weekend. The next interview may have to wait until I recover.

On the plus side, it was 58 degrees today, and the snow is nearly
all gone! It finally feels like spring.


Big Phil said...

I went to the doctor with a bad case of the flu back in January.
The doctor checked my heartbeat and commented about my heart murmur.

I said, "huh?".

He was shocked no one had ever mentioned it to me before.

Susan Grandys said...

Yeah, that was my reaction too.

You had the flu also? Man, that was a
nasty one! Hope you are well, now.