Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Surgery Surprise Sandwich

It seems it is time for my (seemingly) yearly surgery.
I knew this one was coming, but I wasn't prepared for it being
this coming Tuesday!

Went to see the doc today, for what I thought would be a
cortisone shot for my plantar facitiis. However, yesterday in
a meeting I got a very sharp pain in my arch, and then a releasing
feeling - and the agonizing pain in my foot was nearly gone.

I walked around the halls without pain for the first time in
months. I was pretty sure something gave way in my foot, and
I was sure hoping I didn't need it for anything.

The doc examined it, and he thinks I got a free "self-surgery".
The tendon running on the bottom of my foot (the one that was
so painfully inflamed) probably got a small tear in it, but it
was enough to relieve the pressure. He thinks it will heal up
and be fine.

But since that was fine, we started discussing the toe surgery
again and it turns out he had an opening on Tuesday, and wanted
to go ahead with it. (I had been thinking that maybe in a couple
of months, I would do it.....) So with a few calls, I was set.
I go in for pre-op tomorrow.

This will make my life annoying for a couple of months. They are
fusing the joints in 2 toes, and putting pins in them that stick
out the end while the bones fuse. I'll be able to walk with
crutches, and can put some weight on it - BUT I can't drive
while the pins are in (4-6 weeks!) And I'll be out of work for
1 week.

Between Cay and my friend Sharon, it all got worked out, and I
have rides to and from work for those weeks I can't drive.
With luck, this will fix all the current problems in my foot,
and I can get back to walking. I'm even allowing myself a little
hope that I'll be able to travel overseas again....

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