Friday, April 11, 2008

That's enough excitement for today!

I actually went out of the house today (to my 1st post-op
appointment). There is about an inch of ice and slush everywhere,
so I had to put a plastic bag around my foot to protect the bandages.
(I felt like a kid again - when was the last time I put a plastic
bag on my foot, before sliding it into a leaky boot?)

By the time I got to the waiting room on my crutches, I was already
tired. I haven't been off the couch (except to go up and down
the stairs) for 3 days. I wonder if I can sneak in some weight-
lifting? I don't wanna be this tired...)

I was doing well until the nurse pulled the bloody dressings
off of my foot. They were stuck to the stitches. Yow!!!! I was
rather lightheaded from the pain for awhile. I saw the x-rays,
and I could see all 3 pins (and how far they went in! Those will
be fun coming out...)

But the doctor and the nurse both said how good it all looked.
No infections, healing already, the bone fuse sites are really,
tight (can't see even a seam). I have clearance to go back to
work on Tuesday, as long as I stay off the foot, and elevate it
as much as I can.

But considering how much that little trip took out of me, I'm
going to need another 3 days to heal, and get stronger.

I think I'll curl up by the fire, for the rest of the day. It is
33 degrees out, and raining and snowing. It is cold, wet, gray, and
no fun at all!

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