Thursday, April 17, 2008

Totally Beat.

Totally. 3 days back at work, and I'm really sagging. I was getting
frustrated, and had to remind myself that I'm only 9 days out of
surgery. It is o.k. to feel like crap.

I was making such good headway on diet and exercise before the
operation, that I'm feeling overwhelmed about having to make that
uphill climb again. To say nothing about most of the weight I just
lost coming back quickly.

To combat it a little, I'm giving up the powered chair, and getting
a roll-a-bout. This will get me up and moving around a lot more.
I pushed back the strict diet to next week. I seem to need the
food for healing, right now.

Some days I have a good, hopeful attitude about all the trials
I've had to overcome. Other days, I'm just really, really tired.
This is one of those.

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