Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Waiting for the handyman, or someone like him...

Recovery goes well. Still not much pain, which is being handled by
some higher doses of Ibuprophen. I'm getting around a little better
on the crutches. I suppose you get stronger as you use them, out of

I called into work for a 2 hour presentation, I just cant leave work
alone, and enjoy my enforced rest. I wish I could go back, but just
saw a report that it may snow 1/2 foot over the next 2 days. Then
I try to imagine myself cleaning off my car, on crutches, and I
am glad I don't have to go in. Oh yeah, and I'm not allowed to
drive until the pins come out. I keep forgetting that part....

I do have my first post-op appointment on Friday morning, so I'll
still get to experience crutches in the snow. But Cay will be there
to help me, and drop me off at the door.

I'm still trying to figure out bathing. I can't find my shower bag
that goes over a cast. I'm thinking a plastic lawn chair in the tub,
and a garbage bag taped around the foot bandages might work.
Everyday, simple actions become challenging. Keeps one humble,
or something.

Otherwise, I'm waiting for the handyman to show up. He is fixing
a bunch of sheetrock in our basement that got water damaged from
various things over the years. We are painting and putting a new
floor in, and when it is done, it will look pretty spiffy!

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