Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bath from Heaven

I had a bath! The first one in 5 weeks! (no not the first time
I've cleaned up) but the first time I was allowed to soak in a
tub for that time. The pin holes in my toes finally healed up,
enough to put them in soaking water.

I really like baths over showers. Mostly because everything hurts
all the time, and nothing sets it right like a lot of hot water.
I am a happy woman. Or at least a more comfortable one. It made
my foot feel better too.

I'm getting around a little better every day, but there is still
some pain and soreness. I can do a very slow walk with a bit of
a limp, but I'm getting around work to go where I need to.

I started back on The Rotation Diet on Monday with a friend at
work. It was working well for me, when I suddenly had the surgery
and put back on the weight I had lost while sitting on my butt
for that month.

It is fun to do with someone at work because we are both doing
the 850 calorie phase at the same time, so when we run into each
other in the hall, we can whine about how hungry we are, and talk
incessantly about food. We compared lunches today. Trying to
figure out how to eat that little and not suffer is quite an art.

I HAVE to get some excess weight off of this foot, if I have any
hope of walking well. I hope that is enough impetus to keep me
at it. This time for sure!

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