Saturday, May 10, 2008

Brief rest

Yay, weekend! I made it through one of those hair-raising days at
work where 2 critical projects collide on your schedule, and
everyone needs something RIGHT NOW! At one point I was on the
phone trying to get something worked out with a developer,
while my project manager was trying to call me and email me,
2 more emails came in, needing something and 2 people showed
up in my cube needing something else. I started laughing at that
point and just enjoyed the ride.

Being barely able to walk made it even funnier. I ended up
using the knee walker the last half of the day to race down the
halls and to the labs. I was far too sore to walk. Today my
plans definitely involve the couch, and putting my feet up.

The bad news. I think I am getting Cay's cold. I got up and
took every immune booster and vitamin I had in the house -
but I think it may be too late. I hope I don't get it - it seems
to be one of those that has a bad cough and chest congestion.
I prefer the kind that stays in your nose (if I had to pick).

The old dog is still doing pretty well after the scare a couple
of weeks back. He is getting around, fully hydrated, eating well.
He seems quite prepared to stay around longer. I wonder if he'll
make it to 15? I'm just amazed he is still going, with all the
heart and arthritis medicine he is on. What a trouper. (But
it still won't keep me from whining, if I get this blasted cold!)

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