Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fleeting Spring Weekend

Waah! How can it be Sunday night already?
I don't want to go back indoors to work!

It was a nice spring weekend, and just driving and doing errands
was quite pleasant. Green trees and flowers everywhere. It is
finally spring at it's finest. Now I'm in a gardening mood,
and almost able to walk around to get things done. Maybe I'll
be able to plant some flowers next week.

I think the foot turned a corner this weekend, after more than
5 weeks. I was able to walk through some stores, and it stopped
being so painful, I couldn't even touch it. The bones seems to
be doing some serious healing, I can feel them doing something
in there.

The diet is working very well again, now that I'm back on it.
I went through the 900 / 1200 calorie rotation week. Next
week it is 1500 whole lovely calories, before rotating back
to the tough week. The 6 1/4 pounds lost this week helped me
overcome the hungries! That and a friend at work who is on
the same diet. It really helps to whine "I'm so hungry, I'll
die!" - at someone who is going through the same thing.

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