Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Free at Last .... Ouch!

It is National Pin Out Day! Hallelujah! Yes indeed, the pins came
out of the foot this morning. It hurt a little, and bled a bit.
And continued to hurt. My foot knows "Something Was Disturbed"
down there. And it isn't sure it likes it.

There is a lessening of pressure where the pins came out, but
otherwise it's all pretty sore. So, I still couldn't put on a
shoe, I'm still in the surgical boot. I was able to walk a few
more steps without crutches, but continued to use the knee cart
around the halls at work.

Tomorrow is the next milestones. I can put on my shoe. I can
drive for the first time in a month! I can take a real shower!
I've been cleaning up by sitting in a lawn chair in the bathtub,
with my foot over the edge outside, and dumping water on myself.
Not the most efficient (or effective).

The doctor says I can walk without crutches, but warns that I
wont get very far. So now I do whatever my body lets me get away
with, before it hollers. My next goal - to soak my tired
muscles in the bath. No soaking for 1 more week :( The tub is
the final frontier! (Well that and actually walking more than
a few feet .....)

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