Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hazy blur

It took until yesterday to get over my exhaustion from the lack
of sleep from the weekend. Work has been awfully busy, and I'm
dashing from one meeting to another on my little knee cart.
I'm completely wiped by the end of every day. The week just
went by in a blur of tiredness.

Last night the garage door opener completely broke, and the
door release also didn't work. We have a really old garage,
and it doesn't have an access door. There was no way to get
the car out. Luckily Cay had his car out, and could come get
me at work. He had to smash the side window in the garage,
so the repairman could get in to fix the opener. $260 later,
it is all better.

Between the dog and the door breaking, I'm $1000 poorer this
week. It is a bit discouraging to have those kind of unplanned
expenses. The handyman also finished the basement today - another
$1000. I did have his fee saved up, though. And the house will
need painting next year, and we need a new sidewalk..... It
really never ends! Oh well, it keeps me from quitting my job
and becoming a beach bum.

I'm able to take a few more steps each day, and the foot looks
like it is healing up. It still is a little sore, but I think
it is just annoyed that the pins are still sticking out if it.
6 more days until the pins come out!
(I hope - it does depend on the x-ray being o.k., but I refuse
to admit that it will be anything other than great!)

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