Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Party Time!

Things are picking up around here. We have started all the cleaning,
shopping and trying to remember everything for the huge Memorial
Day Barbeque that we throw with our friend Joel every year. It
is quite the fun event, and probably the only time our yard and
house look good. Well, at least clean!

Joel and Chris are planning their fabulous food, they take it
far beyond barbeque fare. Chris does Korean barbeque, and Joel
has gotten a huge Wok and burner, and whips up the most amazing
things. There is usually home brew, and tables groaning with
food. Wait, wasn't I dieting?

I'm walking faster and better every day. My limp is pretty much
gone, and I can go at about 1/2 speed now. The pain is also
nearly gone - just a little residual soreness. I have to start
thinking about doing my show again. Maybe after the party. I
have my hands full!

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