Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rites of Spring

In between getting everything ready for the party, we indulged
in Minnesota spring "rite of passage". We braved the crowds at
the garden nursery and got flowers and plants. We put most
of the flowers in pots, and set them around the yard, but this
got me in a gardening mood, and I felt well enough to weed 3
large areas along the borders of the yard.

I found that most of the perennials I put in last year made it
through the tough winter. The yard now looks very nice and all
is ready for the huge barbeque party tomorrow. I found all the
new muscles one finds in the spring from crawling around weeding
the gardens. Ow, ow OW!

My foot is holing up pretty well. I can go shopping and do things
around the house, just fine. I still don't think I could go for
a long walk, and my walking speed is really slow!

Here is to nice weather for the party! It looks good, but a little
on the cold side. A bunch of bad weather and tornadoes went
through the northern suburbs this afternoon, but we didn't even
get rain. So - on with the barbecuing madness!

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