Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stressed Out By My Stress Test

I have to have a stress test tomorrow at the hospital. I'm totally
freaked out about it. I had one of the traditional stress tests
about 7 years ago, (and failed). Because of my asthma, I couldn't
get my heart rate to anywhere near my target heart rate.

On my pre-op EKG, it showed an abnormality. A Right Bundle Branch
Block. Lots of research later on the web, it seems this isn't
horrible in itself, but my doc, thought it was high time to get
a stress test. Since I had such difficulty before, and I just
had the foot surgery, I'm having a "Pharmacologic Stress Test
with Nuclear Imaging".

They shoot you up with a drug that makes your heart go fast,
simulating exercise, and then they fill you full of some
radioactive dye and put you in this camera thing for a 1/2 hour.
Then they do it again after awhile to get resting images.

I've felt stressed out about this all week. If my heart doesn't
want to go that fast, I'm not sure it is a good idea to make it.
Maybe it is just being sensible, and knows it shouldn't
do that. All week I was convinced that they were going to
kill me for sure, with their drugs and IV's and nuclear stuff.

Maybe I'm just overwhelmed by too much medical tests and needles
this year. Wish me luck, and hope I pass my test! A guy at
work told me to "study hard" for my test! :)

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