Sunday, June 08, 2008

Floating Along

Floating along. I am enjoying things, but can't get motivated to
do much. I should get back to doing my show, but I can't seem
to get started. I guess I needed a break after this tough winter
of sickness and medical procedures.

I'm hoping motivation will strike me on it's own, and I can
get back to creating and achieving. In the meantime, I'm studying
my Japanese writing, exercising, playing some video games and
watching too much Doctor Who, and enjoying having summer
weather again.

We looked up how to build a sound booth, and are making plans
to build one for Cayenne for his recording. Our street has
been closed for construction, and when they aren't digging it
up, we can't believe how quiet the neighborhood is! (We live on
a very busy street). We can hear birds, and the neighbor raking,
and sounds we've never heard here before, between the trucks
and the planes - it is kind of a constant din.

Neither one of us is terribly handy, so this should be really
entertaining to see if we really can build it. Could be a comedy
in itself!

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