Friday, June 20, 2008

Good = Nothing to say

Nothing new, really. I haven't said much, because there is just
nothing to report. I guess that is a good thing!

Work has been fine, health has been fine, home is fine.
How dull! Actually I've been enjoying work and enjoying summer.
I still haven't managed to ride my bike, even though I pulled
it out of the basement and got it all ready. This weekend, for
sure? Gotta kick up that exercise....

Still working on improving Japanese reading and writing, having
a ball watching a pile of the new Doctor Who and Torchwood T.V.
shows from England. Practicing new songs for Karaoke. Not much
in the stress department.

Too much partying in store (for my waistline). A Birthday party
tonight for all the friends June birthdays (there is a passel of
them). Tomorrow a relaxed barbeque for Cay's Birthday, and to
enjoy the lovely weather.

Things are good (finally), I hope they stay that way all summer!

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