Sunday, June 15, 2008

Me and my show are back online

Yes indeed, after a 2 month hiatus, I just put up a new (very
short) show. I had received a 10 minute piece from a listener,
so I put that up, and added 5 minutes of musings and thoughts
I've been having on fairness. Get it, as usual at:

Then I finally got inspired enough to continue and contacted the
guy in Finland I was supposed to interview. He agreed to do the
interview today, and we were off and running.

I used SIP (Gizmo) instead of Skype to do the call. The connection
was much better and faster than Skype, I always have problems with
overseas calls on Skype. However the recording feature was more
uneven. My voice was much louder and echo-y than with Call
Recorder. Nevertheless, it is a much better option for overseas
calls. There is someone I've wanted to interview in Australia
for quite awhile, this would make that more possible.

I also have a line on two more people to do interviews. July 15th
will be my 3 year Anniversary of doing Uncomfortable Questions.
Kind of neat that I've been doing it that long!

My healing proceeds, my doc says at the 3 month mark, my foot
should stop swelling and hurting. (That is about 3 more weeks).
I hope I can walk farther than I can now! 1 mile and I'm totally
done for. I'm not giving up on traveling overseas yet (that takes
huge amounts of walking, compared to a road trip in the states).
I'll give it a few more months to see where I'm at. With my luck
I'll be fine, but gas prices will be totally prohibitive!

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