Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Nice Day...Or Is It?

It was so beautiful out today, on the drive to work. The sky was
the most gorgeous shade of blue, the trees were the perfect shade
of thick green. The lakes were sparkling blue, the clouds were
white and billowy. The sun was warm and inviting, the temperature
perfect. I was suddenly taken with just how captivating it all

My first reaction was to thank the Goddess, or whatever created
this world. My second reaction was to remember I didn't really
believe that. That even if the world was created, I think it
may have been a larger co-creation of which we are a part.
Something much bigger, stranger, wilder, and vibrant than the
typical visions of the Gods. Then I was amazed at how trivial
mankind could be, but how mighty and amazing and rich in dreams
and imagination. Could such passion and striving be for nothing?
So I didn't even know who to thank for such a lovely day...

Is being grateful a part of our nature, or is it drummed
into us from birth? Are we "supposed" to feel grateful or is
it a true thing? Then I was amused that I couldn't just enjoy
the beauty without going into my typical analyzing reverie.
Thats what it is like in my head, all the time.

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