Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pooh, Pooh!

Yes, it is back to the work grind, after such a nice weekend.
I want the entire summer off to play! Not that I've actually
had a summer off in a very long time.

So little time to play as an adult. We work the bulk of our
lives away, never getting to really enjoy our hard earned money.
The whole system seems rather wrong. You have time off when you
are young and have no money, or when you are really, really old,
and are too tired and creaky to have adventures.

Summer breezes whisper into my mind, "Come out, come out!
Why are you in that office building, with all those machines?
Look at how decked out I am with trees and flowers, just for
you. Why are you working?"

Hush. I have 3 conference calls in a row, and then I have to
set up these Linux machines, and run these 100 testcases....
oh, bother! It is all passing me by.

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