Saturday, June 28, 2008


You know you are getting old when you enjoy NOT doing things,
as much as you enjoy doing things. It used to be that I always
had to be going somewhere, or actively meeting with people,
going to a party, catching a friend's band in a bar.

This summer, I really feel like I've slowed down. I enjoy
watching a video, playing a game, walking around my yard and
looking at the masses of flowers that seem to be everywhere.
The warm breezes and lush greenness gives everything a sleepy,
dreamy quality. Like it is all a picture book, and not quite
real, but I don't want to wake up from the dream.

One morning this week, I drank some Ethiopian coffee from
Caribou (super caffeinated!) and the whole world felt like it
snapped into focus. I was vividly aware of my surroundings
on my drive to work. It was weird. It is like I really am
asleep most of the time, and it takes a big dose of coffee
to make me see things are they really are.

I would drink more coffee, but after awhile it makes my heart
skip beats, which is rather uncomfortable. So I guess I'll
just drift along, in my sleepy world....

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Paul said...

Ethiopian coffee is excellent. There are two main regions - if you get the chance to try each I would HIGHLY recommend them.

Ethiopian Sidamo (Yirgacheffe) and Harrar.

Get yourself a good cup of French pressed Yirgacheffe - life is good. :-)