Saturday, July 19, 2008

3 years!

I just posted a new Uncomfortable Questions show. This is
my 3rd anniversary show. It is hard to believe I started it
3 years ago. I was in such a different place in life. I was
pretty depressed, and wondering a lot about the meaning of love
and life and friendship. I'm amazed I've stuck with it, even
though I had to go to a monthly, rather than weekly show.

The guests were harder to come by the past year, but then again
I wasn't as active in looking for them. But every time I thought
about quitting the show, another guest would show up, just in
time. I still have 2 more in the pipe, so it seems it will still
go on a bit more.

A show takes about 10 or more hours to record and edit, and it is
hard to find the time to do it. But when I put up another one,
I am proud of the show, and want to continue.

This show is with a man from Finland, and really a fun one. He has
really pondered the philosophies of life, quite beyond most.
It must be somthing about Europe, the guys from England also were
pretty amazing. My theory is that they have pubs, where people
get a bit tipsy and discuss the meaning of life on a regular

That doesn't seem to happen in America. It seems our bars are a
different animal. We usually just get drunk and stupid. I want
my own neighborhood pub, where I while away the hours talking
deep thoughts with the regulars. But then, I wouldn't need the
show, would I?

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