Thursday, July 03, 2008

Change of Plans

The holiday weekend is turning out differently than I thought.
Cay was going off to a Science Fiction convention he had been
wanting to check out that his friends are going to. I was
going sit blissfully on my butt at home, and have a little
time to myself.

But due to various things, I got roped into going, as of this
morning. Peace and harmony in the family and all that....

So I'm going to the convention, starting after work today.
I haven't been to one in 16 years, (I used to run one of
the big conventions here, in another life.)

Hmmm, it sounds way more ambitious than I am up for, with my
foot still a bit out of sorts. I'm too old, I'm too fat,
conventions are for the young, I'm not part of that community
anymore, oh pooh, I'm out of excuses.

Hopefully I can find some things I enjoy (like sitting around).
I'm really a total Dr.Who and Anime fan, but I don't enjoy talking
to others about it. I do it at home, in secret.
And wash my hands afterwards....

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