Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A night at the zoo...

So we went to see our friend David in the hospital. And then drove
(or tried to drive) over to his place to pick up his 2 cats and
bring them home to take care of them for a couple of days. They
were getting mighty lonely.

And ran sprang into the Aquatenial parade dowtown. It took 45
minutes to battle our way through the insane traffic and crowds,
and dodging the parade, to get to his place. We grabbed the
cats fast and got out of there. Tomorrow we'll go back for the

The cats were surprisingly good in the car, they've been on
some long car trips recently. We got them home to introduce them
to our brood. We were most worried about the hyper dog (who
hates other dogs.) He was super excited and followed them
around, licking their heads and drooling on them. He thinks
we brought him home two fuzzy toys.

The old dog is un-phased by the entire thing. The cats are
curious, but not upset. That went so well, they can be our
unruly pets! We were braced for lots of hissing and fighting.
Instead I think it is rather exciting for them all.

We might even get some sleep. (Unless they all go nova in the
middle of the night, when the novelty wears off).

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