Saturday, July 26, 2008

Us = 0, the Animals = 100

The household has been quite lively with the addition of the 2
cats and a turtle. The kittys think they have gone to some kind
of kitty resort.

They came from a small apartment, and once they got comfortable,
they spend a lot of time rocketing around the house. Or sitting
on top of the refrigerator. Or hiding behind the spa. Or bouncing
off of the other pets. Or knocking lots of things over, or.....

Fred and George (the 2 cats - and we have no idea which is which -
they look a lot alike) are cute enough when they are sitting still,
but then there is all the rest of the time. It's been fun,
but only because we know they are going back to their owner in
a couple of days.

Otherwise, we finally finished up all the Doctor Who, Torchwood and
Sarah Jane episodes. They all dovetailed in the final Doctor Who
show. Woo-hoo. What a wiz-bang ending! It still was very sad, and
I was surprised it bothered me so much. Hats off to the creators.

Since we watched all of the above over the last 2 months or so, and
we are finally done - we have to find a new diversion.
What will it be?

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