Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Webbie things

Working during the summer seems more and more difficult. It is
so nice out, I wish I could go out and play more. But no, gotta
earn that paycheck. Darn. I would make such a great rich person
(the kind that doesn't have to work.)

I've found the usefulness of blogs. I found out a close friend of
mine was in the hospital, and then later that he was back in and
having surgery this morning, through his Live Journal page.
(He actually had told Cay the 1st time, but I saw the journal
before I got home). Such a weird method of communication, but
it actually works pretty well.

Another friend of mine feels like he is still in contact with
me because he reads this blog. Of course it is only a one way
communication - I have no idea what is happening to him!

All the things that have come about from the web are still so
strange and wonderful. I'm having a hard time remembering life
"before the web" B.W.?

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