Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Work is really a lot of Work...

I was right. I don't like work as much as "fun".
Totally back to the grind. I was in training for an upcoming
product most of the day, and am back battling some system
installs that refuse to work. At least there is lots going
on. I am definitely not bored!

I finally got caught up on all the mail and bills and stuff
at home I just had to get done. Now it is time to think
about editing the next show already. This is another one
from Finland - should be a fun one, but there is a lot of
the interview. Another tough editing job!

Watching the road construction is interesting. They came in
with really big machines and pulled up all the pavement and
roadbed. They dug out the border area next to the road to
uncover the water pipes. We are hooked up to pipes running
down the sidewalks from the fire hydrants. Our street looks
more like a Moonscape than a street. They built big gravel
ramps so we could get to our driveways from the dirt road
that is now about 2 feet lower than our driveways.

It is noisy, inconvenient, and pretty ugly. It will be
interesting (and a relief) to see it when it is done.
And I'll be able to sleep in past 6:30 a.m. (that is the
time they drive in all the heavy machinery to start construction
at 7 a.m. sharp!)

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