Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yawn .... Sunday night already?

Never enough time. The weekend is nearly over. Where did it go?
I slept a lot, I was sleep deprived from last weekend, and
pretty much the whole week.

Not feeling my best, either. Everything in my body is
really stiff and hurts, I'm not sure why! I hate it when
you have random days of feeling like crap, for no particular
reason. Too bad, because the weather has been spectacular!

I spent most of today editing the next Uncomfortable
Questions show. I'm having to learn a lot more about dynamic
filters and compression, and finally got a program named
Levelator that fixed most of the problems I was struggling
with. I recorded this show through SIP instead of Skype and
ended up with a huge sound editing headache.

I'm about half done, which means the show will be late again.
Good thing I don't get paid for doing the show. (Course if I
did, it wouldn't be late!) Money is such a motivator for me....

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