Friday, August 01, 2008

Abs ahoy!

Yay, Friday, Friday, Yay!
It was quite the long week at work - lots to do.
I'm really looking forward to a quiet weekend.

Not much going on. I tried "The Abs Diet" this week, because
nothing else seems to be working. I love the food, and the
fact that I am very satisfied by it, and never hungry. There
are also a lot of weight lifting and abs exercises that go
with the diet.

They were nothing short of miraculous. I felt better and stronger
every day, until today. I think I pulled a major hamstring
muscle doing leg curls, and my leg kept giving out on me.
I think I'll skip the exercise tonight - it is a major leg

So I feel better, and stronger, but unfortunately I haven't
actually lost any weight... Well, I'll keep going on it for
a couple of weeks, because I like the food. I may also be
gaining muscle weight, masking any effects. If it doesn't
work, I'm clean out of ideas. I've tried everything at this
point, and they'd have to invent gene technology to help me
fight off this flab.

And now....weekend!

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